There are times when I really become Home Sick and I crave the munchies from South Africa especially when it comes to Desserts and Baking . I usually get my mom to send me all my favorite Biscuits and cookies from South Africa and a whole lot of other yummy bites … Well now that has stopped since  they opened one of my favorite brand from back home  The Walnut Grove … Oh how I have been waiting for this and finally we have it here in Dubai ,it has since become one of my favorite spot in City Walk 2 .2016_3_walnutgrove_base



A concept grown in the heart of South Africa, Walnut Grove comes to Dubai bringing along its rustic yet authentic boutique dining experience. Known for its legacy as a family-oriented concept, Walnut Grove has captured hearts and taste buds in South Africa .


Walnut Grove’s bright intimate space plays host to endless options of culinary delights, from its must-try Cannonut (a cannoli and donut hybrid) to the colorful layers of their signature Rainbow Cake, there is a little something for everyone to enjoy. Highlights from the menu include, sweet and savory social dining boards, burger classics prepared with a twist, homemade pasta variations and scrumptious healthy salads. Enjoy a truly relaxing experience as you sit back and enjoy each handcrafted dish with a cup of our signature in- house coffee blend served from a unique, vintage copper coffee machine.

On my recent lunch with my family here are some of the dishes we ordered from the menue :walnut-grove-citywalk
Mediterannean Grilled Chicken Which my mom and sister enjoyed .


Feta Spinach and Olive Toasted Mediterranean Tramezzini ,Its one of my Favorite since back home so for me this was the best of the day

Truffle Carbonara,The Cosanostra Salad and the Falafel Burger .

The Desserts were just so divine , We had the tasting board with the top 4 cakes from Walnut Grove .

The lunch was so yummy and it comes in Large portions so we tried everything ,it was super delicious . The staff are very friendly and gave us a great lunch experience.

The Walnut Grove is located in City Walk 2 in Dubai .

Walnut Grove, City Walk. images by Murrindie Frew

Walnut Grove, City Walk. images by Murrindie Frew



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