SHA WELLNESS CLINIC  : A Prestigious international medical spa located in a unique environment of peace and well-being.



This luxury wellness resort is set In the shadows of the Sierra Helada mountains, overlooking the bay of Altea 45 min from Alicante Airport .



After 3 hectic days at Milan Fashion week I headed to Sha  . It has been on my travel Diaries list since  Igave birth in March .

I went to Sha to Detox ,Relax my body and mind ,distress and learn the healthy lifestyle and diet programme they offer .

I was taken away by the beautiful scenery it is surrounded by and the view from top is simply breath taking . I spent 3 full days at Sha , As i had arrived i was welcomed by the friendly Staff who had prepared a tour around the wellness clinic . I arrived close to sunset time  and the sunset from Sha was just so beautiful  i mean i have never seen a better sunset view in my life and the city is so peaceful and has such a good energy about it. It just calms you down and relaxes your mind .



I  stayed in a beautiful modern  suite  with floor-to-ceiling windows with a balcony which offers the mountains and sea view.



There’s an airy restaurant serving eastern and western fare. There’s also a spa, indoor and outdoor pools, and paddle tennis. Other amenities include a chapel, a library, and a lounge with a fireplace.


It was dinner time so i headed to the SHAMADI restaurant which has a warm and modern atmosphere, with excellent views out onto the bay of Altea .

SHA Nutrition

SHA offers three different types of healthy menu (SHA, Biolight and Kushi) in order to meet all of the  guests’ needs and goals. These menus are different every day at lunch and dinner. With the help of their expert consultants in healthy nutrition, they are customised to suit each of the  guests’ particular needs.

The three types of diet are adapted to the seasons, making an effort to use cereals, legumes, vegetables, fish and cooking methods that are best suited to each season, with organic and seasonal food. Furthermore, it should be noted none of their menus include certain foodstuffs such as meat, eggs, dairy products, sugar or other artificial sweeteners, solanaceae (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines), or very hot spices.

Kushi Menu
This is the strictest and most restrictive gastronomic diet, but this does not mean it is less healthy. It is recommended for those who aim to control their weight or intensively detoxify their body. It has smaller portions and also does not include certain healthy ingredients like oil, baked flour, nuts, pasta or oats. A little salt is also added. Fish is only included once a week and the diet is characteristic for including a lot of algae and hearty soups like miso that help cleanse the body and provide energy and vitality.

Biolight Menu
This is the intermediate version of the SHA diet, designed for those who wish to use their time in SHA to take a bit more care of themselves than usual and learn about healthy eating and the benefits it brings, without setting themselves detox or weight control goals that are too strict. It is the gastronomic menu which they  normally recommend for the  guests who come with other health programmes such as for anti-stress, anti-tobacco or rejuvenation. Lunch includes a starter, a main course and a dessert (if desired), whereas dinner only includes the first and second courses.

This menu is part of a healthier diet and its ingredients usually include fish three times a week and pasta twice a week, while allowing for a sparing use of oil and nuts.

SHA Menu
Their gastronomic menu is very comprehensive. It is intended for those who are visiting SHA and who wish to learn about a healthier diet without compromising on the amount of food nor their gourmet tastes. Although it also follows the principles of the SHA diet and healthy nutrition, the menu is noteworthy for how well all of the dishes in it are prepared and the attention to detail in them.
Lunch and dinner both include a starter, a choice between two main courses (usually one with fish and the other with whole-grain pasta) and a dessert.

The healthy food at SHA Wellness Clinic aims at introducing healthy eating habits into lifestyle of their guest and it is based on local organic products. The SHA diet follows the principles of Macrobiotics, which has helped thousands of people discover a simple and natural way to establish and re-establish health, in such a way that it adapts to the modern way of life and the specific needs of each person, without losing the real essence of haute cuisine.

My favorite dishes at SHA : The Pakora :Grilled cut in julienne strips vegetables (cabbage, onion or zucchini) boiled in Indian sauce garnished with pressed salad

Gnochetti sardi with cuttefish bolognese :Pasta made with cuttlefish, garlic and onion, seasoned with mild spicy “flake” tomato sauce and seafood stock.

Vegetables paella with chickpeas:New approach of the traditional Mediterranean dish made with brown rice, chickpeas and season vegetables, making the most of each natural nutrient.

Sauteed peas with an emulsion of black garlic and marinated horse mackerel:Marinated horse mackerel in salt and species, over an onion stock garnished with an emulsion of black garlic and sautéed peas.

Carob brownie with vanilla cream:Unique blend of rice milk with a special flour made of carob, nuts and integral spelt, served with vegetable vanilla cream and red fruits.
The products used to create the  dishes are chosen very carefully, taking into consideration the seasons, the quality and the combination of ingredients to come up with an energetic, healing, healthy and very tasty experience.






I did not at once feel bloated on my entire trip every meal i ate was light and quickly digested which made me feel good and it  speeded up my metabolism .

The Nutritionist Doctor Yolanda shared a great diet plan which is suitable for me and she shared very good knowledge about the Macrobiotic lifestyle and how important healthy eating it at the end our body is what we have to live in so we have to make sure it is properly taken care of .

I also attended the healthy cooking class which was a great session i had with one of their top Chef in the Chef Studio ,I cooked my own Scrambled tofu which was super delicious i will be sharing the recipes . I also learnt how to make healthy BEETROOT GAZPACHO,PESTO, QUINOA TABBOULEH ,WAKAME AND CUCUMBER PRESSED SALAD




The next morning just before breakfast i had the study of my Body composition . And the Healthy Nutrition Consultation
It includes a review of the medical history, a personal interview and an assessment of your health. During the session i was  given  a personalized diet and a programme on the lifestyle recommended to achieve the desired objectives. After the consultation they give personalized dossier with specific dietary recommendations and suggestions on the lifestyle to follow.

I also did few treatments which worked well for me . Here are the ones  i did :

Deep Tissue Massage

This energetic deep tissue massage works deep into the muscles, tendons and ligaments, improving chronic pain, muscular tension and contractures. Indicated for those persons with a high rhythm of life or sports activity.

Facial BDR
Indicated for the treatment of local imperfections, local wrinkles, acne and scars or cuperos.

Hydroenergetic Cure DetoxPowerful detoxifying, healing and hydro-energetic treatment consisting of three steps:
Hydroaromatherapy: Hydromassage tub with essential oils that penetrate into the body through the heat of the water and have soothing and purifying effects.
Fitomudtherapy: Pleasant seaweed wrap with draining, detoxif- ying and revitalizing effect.
Hidrojet: Restores energy, vitality and tonifìes the body. JET SHOWER which helps with toning the skin and reducing the cellulite .


They also have a beautiful Hair Salon and the stylist is very good with styling .she styled my hair for my photoshoot and it was just the way i like it .

I had plenty of ME time which i really needed away from everything , This trip totally refreshed me and i felt so good and full of energy .Most of all i really enjoyed the whole experience and i would love to go back to Sha ..

Overall after spending 3 days at Sha the next week when i weight my self i had lost 1 kilo so i would highly recommend it as it totally worked for me .


One of the best experiences of my Life which has not only made me think more positive but also taught me alot about our life and how important it is to have a balanced lifestyle and not to over do anything .

I hope you all enjoyed this SHA journey with me and hope to keep inspiring you all even more .3






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