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On My recent trip in Geneva I had the opportunity to visit The Franck Muller Atelier where i experience the real craftsmanship behind the fabulous watches … It was a very educational journey where I actually discovered the actual worth of a watch and how delicate some of the parts are.




unnamedThe tour was magnificent and i enjoyed every bit of it .

unnamed-3Here is a brief about the brands history …


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The Franck Muller brand was co-founded in 1991 by Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes, two men who shared the same resolute passion for watchmaking and each of them had vast, complementary experience in the field. The Franck Muller Group is located at a stone’s throw from Geneva, in Genthod, a peaceful small village with a magnificient view on the lake and the Mont Blanc. The main building was built in 1905 by the renowned Swiss architect Edmond Fatio in a neo-gothic style.

The brilliant Inazo Nitobe, secretary general of the League of Nations in Geneva, used to live in this beautiful mansion in the 1920s. During this time he welcomed prestigious guests such as the scientists Marie Curie and Albert Einstein, the philosopher Henri Bergson and the president Eisenhower. Following the same design, two buildings were added in 1997 to house the workshops of the watchmakers, the engravers and the stamping as well as the polishing and the turning workshops.

This magnificient site of 16 hectares overlooking Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc is more than just a production site; it turned into a concept called Watchland. The Group Franck Muller has devoted itself, for several years now, to controlling all the different stages of production.  Since the beginning, the brand was able to anticipate the market evolutions and created very different watchcases. A multitude of arts and crafts are necessary to perpetuate the watchmaking know-how. Mastering them all gives us the legitimate designation of Haute Horlogerie.

The Franck Muller Group has its own R&D laboratories, the group also covers all the production steps from designing to manufacturing its watch components. In less than 20 years, the watchmaking brand has gained worldwide renown.
Today the brand has 6 production sites in Switzerland, nearly 700 employees in Switzerland, 48 exclusive shops and 600 points of sale in more than 100 countries



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