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On my recent trip to London i stayed at the Browns Hotel , I  must say this was my 2nd time I stayed there and its just so warm and cosy .A private butler service 24/7  which makes you feel so relaxed and they even helped me unpack an pack my luggage .

The suite is so spacious and colorful with everything you need in there . The hotel was so sweet to take care of every single thing I needed for my stay I remember I wasn’t feeling too good i had a flu but i must say after staying there i felt much better they kept getting me fresh ginger and honey to heal my throat i must have had over 10 cups of ginger tea a day

The Dover suite is just so artistic and beautiful and i got to try The Tea Tox gluten free High Tea  which was so delicious . My husband and i really enjoyed our stay and I will definitely go there again as  its one of my all time favorite hotels in London .

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