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 A little girl with a dream has the full potential to become a woman with an inspiring vision. This is exactly how Farhana Bodi started her journey. Farhana was born in India and raised in South Africa to Muslim Indian parents. Since Farhana’s childhood, she is known for her intelligence and creativity. As a little girl, Farhana had an endless love and passion for fashion, beauty and makeup. Keeping up with the latest trends had been always a priority to Farhana, but she also had her own style and taste in fashion and lifestyle.

Unlike most teenagers who merely imitate celebrities, little Farhana liked to design her own dresses and outfits to stand out from the crowd and be who she is. Farhana pursued her freedom and independence from early days. She started working on weekends in a textile warehouse. Because of Farhana’s excellent verbal skills and intelligence, she was selling fabrics to customers in the textile warehouse. During summer vacations, Farhana used to work in an accessories store, which was related to Farhana’s love for being stylish and fashionable. From an accessories store to a restaurant to a fashion store, Farhana got her very early experience in life. Driven by her passion for fashion and beauty, Farhana studied a comprehensive makeup artistry and beauty course. This course qualified Farhana to pursue her passion for beauty and makeup.

At the age of 17, Farhana started her training in a makeup school in South Africa. After that, Farhana started to assist in TV soaps as an assistant makeup artist. Farhana also assisted in many South African music videos. From makeup to modeling, Farhana started a new chapter in her life. Farhana started modeling on a small scale participating in fashion shows for hair products. Empowered by her natural beauty and elegant taste, Farhana was shortlisted to enter a beauty pageant in South Africa. Farhana started working as a pro makeup artist with one of the leading makeup brands, Mac by Estee Lauder Group in South Africa. Farhana was one of the very first Asian makeup artists who worked in Mac.

After working for three years with Mac, Farhana decided to start another chapter pursing her love and passion for fashion and beauty. At the age of 21, Farhana moved to London, the place she always dreamt to work in. London opened many doors for Farhana to work with big names and established brands. Farhana worked with Harvey Nics, Gucci, Celine, Harrods, House of Fraser and many more brands. Empowered by those early experiences in London, Farhana joined Bobbi Brown Counter in Selfridges as a pro makeup artist. Farhana’s talent shined at Bobbi Brown. Farhana also got the opportunity to assist and work with the makeup guru Bobbi Brown herself on organizing a wide range of beauty related events. The experience at Bobbi Brown was a great highlight of Farhana’s career when her knowledge and background of makeup and beauty were further nurtured.

The next chapter of Farhana’s professional life moved to another interesting field. Farhana started working with different magazine houses and fashion shows in London. This was a lifetime experience for Farhana where she became more self-confident, independent and certain about her dreams. Farhana believes that all these experiences added together build the character and define who the person is. In 2006, Farhana visited Dubai for a fashion show to represent a jewelry brand. This was love at first sight!

Farhana loved Dubai and she knew it, one day she will move to this beautiful city to pursue her dreams. Having a business-oriented mind along with Farhana’s talents and creativity, Farhana wanted to gain an experience in a totally different field. In 2007, Farhana studied a business management course and managed to get a job in a real estate company in Dubai. With the economic crisis in Dubai, Farhana resumed her work in fashion and modeling in 2010 to mid 2011. In 2010, Farhana featured in the Paris Hilton’s Dubai BFF. From 2012 to 2013, Farhana started working in the business development department within a trading company for oil and gas. Partnering with Lisa Lazarus, Farhana started a business concierge. This concierge is all about working with clients in the luxury field from f&b brands, fashion, event management to providing highly personalized services for clients to grow and expand their business. People always wonder how Farhana was able to function and succeed in various different fields and industries.

Farhana believes that it is all about the experience and the exposure she gained throughout her lifetime. This experience is what built Farhana’s broad networks and empowered her to become an entrepreneur with a big dream and a wide vision. Farhana’s latest achievement is Women of the World, a platform to showcase women’s talents and achievements to the world creating business opportunities for them. According to Farhana, “I believe that one woman can empower another and I would like to showcase talented women who have persona, talent and charisma to become a global success.” Farhana is grateful for everything she has achieved and about to achieve.

She is thankful for her family’s unlimited support and prayers. Farhana believes in doing what the individual loves because he/she will put all their energy into it achieving great things in life. “I wish all my viewers, family and friends out there to support me and my blog. I hope to bring you the best of the best success stories and features and I hope to motivate you and keep you all inspired,” Farhana said. “The universe will do everything in its power to help those who want to help themselves,” Farhana believes.




Women empowerment proves to be a challenging task across nations throughout the history. However, the world is witnessing a new hope that’s when a highly passionate young woman with big dreams adopts such challenging topic regardless all odds. Farhana sees unlimited power in women themselves, “behind every successful women is HERSELF,” Farhana believes.

Farhana challenges the convention; she doesn’t regard family, society and other external factors to be the reasons for a woman’s success but rather she believes that a successful woman is the real motive for a successful society.

To accomplish her dream of empowering society by empowering its most vital element, Farhana found “Woman of the World”. This is an innovative public relations platform with the central goal being, to connect, promote and inspire women from all different backgrounds.

Woman of the World creates real business opportunities through promoting its members on a global level. The platform provides a groundbreaking business developing service in which women get the chance to improve their skills and promote their expertise and achievements to generate more success, prosperity and affluence.

The idea is that there are many highly successful and super talented women out there who lack media exposure and publicity. The blog showcases talented   women to the world, creating various business opportunities and advantages.

The blog features women with substance and career minded whose stories inspire and empower other women. It will also feature women who are starting there careers or business and want to gain exposure and opportunities , Women from all around the globe are featured on the blog to maximize opportunities and exposure. Women of the World is opened to ambitious women who want to achieve greater heights in life.

Across the platform, highly motivated and successful women come together to share their stories with the world and how they overcame challenges to achieve ultimate success in their fields. A successful woman can be a CEO, social leader or even a housewife who holds a family together and builds the future by empowering her children. Those outstanding women have the power to inspire other women to come and join this motivational community that sees the potential in any woman and ultimately empowers her to find the path that she didn’t find yet.

Farhana Bodi always had the dream to establish this empowering platform, seeing an internal power in each and every woman. Farhana’s global experience and exposure enabled her to take the initiative and pursue her dream.

” I believe that if we women all empower each other we would create something very powerful in this world ” Farhana Bodi

I would like my viewers to be inspired by these women and hope we all can learn something out of there experiences ,Its very easy to have a pr platform and promote women who are already very popular and famous but to create a platform for  some of the women who don’t have this media exposure and publicity is a big challenge and i am proud to take this step in my life, If  i can help achieve even 1 percent of success for them through my platform Woman of the World for me this is a huge achievement …

The  Woman Of The World Guest List is an exclusive public relations, Guest List management  platform that hosts top VIP events where famous fashionistas, models, bloggers as well as successful businesswomen meet to share their experiences. WOW boasts an exclusive set of  Women from All Walks of Life. This is the ultimate place for affluent women to empower themselves and others by showcasing their achievements to the world. Founded in 2014 WOW has provided Guest List Services to Major Events in the Region.

The Rich Women List is a Woman who has a RICHNESS within her a talent a persona which has lead her to greater height and success . ( Its Really not about having $$$$ ) The Rich Women could be a talented and successful make up artist,model,banker,fashion blogger ,designer,philanthropist ,actress,tv personality,brand ambassador  and many more such talents and personalities who use there talent and pursue there goals and reach great heights of success

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