An Afternoon Tea with the Designer of the Haute Couture Hand Bags … Ming Ray

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An Afternoon Tea with the Designer of the Haute Couture Hand Bags … Ming Ray


A Woman With Vision …  Ming Ray

An Afternoon Tea  the Dorchester in London with the one and only Ming Ray , where we learnt a lot about each other and I had the first glimpse of her beautiful new collection which is yet to be Launched  Her Haute Couture Bags are mesmerizing they have the most unique detailed embellishments and are one of a kind pieces . She is a very Confident and classy Woman who has inspired me in many ways .

Over a cup of tea Ming Ray shared her vision and story with me which I would like to share with you .

Since I was 8 years old I have known that I wanted to grow up to be a designer and spend
my days creating beautidul accessories for women around the world. This dream came
to me at an age when I spent my days surrounded by cute stuffed toys and comic books
instead of the likes of Chanel and Fendi and I assumed I would give them up in my future
sophisticated and glamorous life.

I achieved my dream and became a designer at Alexander McQueen and later at
Jimmy Choo. I learnt everything that goes into luxury craftsmanship, particularly the
manufacturing arts that can still be found today in Italy. But I discovered something else
about myself: I still love cuteness with the same passion I did as a child.
My vision is that the two are not incompatible: I make luxury bags with every signature of
the finest Italian craftsmanship, and you will also find details that will bring you back to
the girl that you once were even as you strive through the world full of your sophisticated

“Haute Cute” has since become the concept of my luxury designer label Ming Ray, it
offers you all of the refinement and elegance of luxury but then that touch of lighthearted
innocence that every sophisticated woman still carries in her.

Q1: What inspired you to create Couture Hand Bags?

A: In the world of high fashion, handbags are usually treated as an afterthought that is used to accompany the clothes; so I thought to myself why not create handbags so glamorous and intricate that they stun you with their beauty and inspire the same kind of awe people have for Haute Couture.


Q2. What’s your ultimate goal in life?

A: My ultimate goal is to open a flagship store in Dubai and have every single luxury store in the world carry my collection.

Q3. What’s your favorite bag?

My favorite is the Claudia bag. I have a special bond with that particular piece because it took so many hours, prototypes and trips to Italy to get perfect due to the complexity of the design. It was created for my very first season and it’s still my customers’ most favored bag today. I think if a creation can withstand the test of time and is considered beautiful season after season, then it is a successful design.





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