Fitness and eating healthy is a part of my lifestyle ,but what happens when you pregnant and cant resist those heavy cravings …. I had to let loose in my pregnancy and I ate everything which I craved for including Mc Donald’s Fish Burgers at like 2 am in the morning …. Towards the end of my pregnancy I had put on the most .

My usual normal weight always is around 55 to 55,5 Kilos and during my pregnancy I had  put on 26 Kilos 82,5  Kilos on the last day before I gave birth I weight my self and I was shocked to how much I had put on it was totally scary .

After giving birth in the first week i lost round about 7 kilos .

I started my Diet plan and Work Out Regime exactly 40 days post pregnancy . My daily routine everyday would be waking up in the morning and start my morning with the following intakes :

1 -cup of hot water with a small drop of Apple cider vinegar followed by  few almonds .

Coconut water for hydration .

A green juice and the ingredients are :

SPINACH LEAVES,CELERY,GREEN APPLE,CUCUMBER,GINGER  ,Blend it in a juicer and drink it with the fiber i usually just make 1 small glass so you can cut small pieces and put it in a juicer

1  small bowl of Quinoa & Flax hot cereal with some walnuts  and berries .

This would be my daily breakfast routine before i head to the gym .

I worked out 5 times a week for 2 hours each time and this would be intense cardio  for the first few weeks then i started the weights and rest of the exercises , I even hired a fitness coach Abs Sharma who helped with giving me a great diet plan and work out schedule .

My Lunch would be a small bowl of salad mainly I ate a lot of kale and avocado salads during my weigh lost journey with either  grilled fish ,grilled veggies, okras ,dhaals,tofu,beans It use to vary day by day but mainly for my lunch i would eat a lot of vegetables and fish would be every 2 days .

My Dinner usually use to be 2 boiled egg whites and 1 small bowl of tomato soup  . Everything at home is cooked in Olive Pomace oil and with very light spices i mainly use Garlic ,Green Chilles and herbs in all my food and if i cook Indian then I use a bit of Turmeric and Coriander powder .

Fish i usually stick to Salmon or Tuna grilled or pan fried all in Olive oil .

When ate  out then it would be mainly Salads and Grilled fish and veggies .

I did not eat RICE & BREAD for almost 5 to 6 months i completely  stopped and I use to have it time to time its become a habit that now its not even a part of my daily eating habit . I replaced it with Gluten Free Quinoa. I eat Quinoa with literally everything at home be it salads or veggie or even home made healthy curries .

I made sure I have my Vitamins and Iron supplement daily .

On my Cheat days i usually ate one or 2 chocolates and maybe small dessert here and there but I tried to avoid cheat days as I wanted fast results .

I has small portions through out the day and if i craved anything late nights i would have a multi grain cracker with Hummus .

In Ramadan I use to break my fast with a date and almonds and water then have berries and salads ,Boiled eggs or dhaal soup with Tabbouleh and Hummus this use to be my daily routine sometimes I ate fish for Suhoor  .

I munched on nuts such as almond and walnuts through out the day .

The key is to eat small portions and not over eat anything and to maintain a balanced diet eat well but healthy and non greasy and oily foods , I cut all the sauces from my salads and foods instead for dressing I made my own at home with Lemon juice ,olive oil ,herbs and garlic powder . I also use the following : Gluten free soy sauce, rice vinegar, Sea salt .

I have become even more health conscious since i gave birth I try to eat gluten free and stick to organic foods, I avoid frozen foods i only eat Freshly cooked and mainly home food as its super healthy and low calorie meals .

One thing I gave up after pregnancy is French Fries and i think i probably has 2 of it in the entire 8 months since I gave birth .

Time to Time I have my cheat days where i do crave Ice creams and chocolates .

The most important thing to bear in mind is that you have to Work out and burnt he calories you intake each day .

Loosing 26 kilos in just less then 6 months was the biggest challenge of my life and i am indeed very proud of my self to have successfully completed it with a lot of hard work and strong will power.

I never drank any fizzy drinks i stuck to Water still room temp and green teas very little black coffee .

I usually

have 2 to 3 cups of Green Tea and Lemon Water its very good for digestion and does not blot your tummy .

Apart from diet and working out i also did 5 sessions of Vela shape 3 and 3 sessions of shrinking violet which helped with the reducing the cellulite …

I have recently posted my Weight Loss Journey Video on You Tube you can watch it on

I hope to keep inspiring and please do share your thoughts and any questions you have i am happy to answer …

I am so happy all my old clothes still fit me and I  am back in shape it just feels so good and i am very happy with my results .15168778_10157770103970402_6387127178456330489_o






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