A beauty with Brains …

I often come across many influential women from all around the globe who i take a lot of inspiration from here is a beauty who i admire and i would love to share her story …

Rima Jbara, a Jordanian novelist, based in Dubai, released her first novel at the age of thirteen. She was the Middle East’s youngest author to write novels in a second language to her in the early 90’s.

Rima’s fictional novels vary from topics like contemporary woman, erotica, suspense, fantasy, to psychological & philosophical themes, usually writing about the issues that intrigued her.

Rima Jbara holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature & Communication and a Masters Degree In Strategic Marketing.

Over the years, she studied Greek Mythology, Political Science, Public Speaking, Irish Literature, Feminism, Acting, Fashion History, Philosophy, Psychology, and Creative Writing.

Today, Rima has fifteen books published. In 2017, she will be celebrating Twenty Five Years Of Writing.

To Know More Information About Rima Jbara, Kindly Visit Her Website www.rima-jbara.com

To Purchase Rima Jbara’s Books In The UAE, Kindly Visit Kinokuniya BookWorld In Dubai Mall.

To Purchase Rima Jbara’s Books Online, Kindly Visit, www.amazon.com

Woman Of The World Loves your words Thank You

A woman’s exterior beauty is a reflection of her internal beauty and mind. Farhana is a perfect example of that. As a role model for this generation, she and her blog prove that true beauty is a melange of spirit, mind and beauty. Farhana’s message in her blog is about the power of hard work, and ambition that leads to success.

In her blog, Farhana pays a homage to hard working unique successful women by sharing their experiences and their stories with all of us. She offers the ultimate blog on distinguished women that has stamped their mark in their own way. It is a chance for her to honor these strong women, all powerhouses.

Not only does Farhana Bodi shares some journeys of great women in her blog, she also shares who she is and how she gets what she wants. Woman of the world is like Farhana herself, intriguing and empowering.

Farhana is truly an inspiration to all of us who also like us, is on an endless quest for beauty inside and out.

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