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“Through the heartache comes love
Through the pain comes hope
Through the darkness comes light
Through the fear comes faith”

Danielle Wilson a woman i look up to for all her support to women and children empowerment here i share with you a a very special foundation she has created to help  New born  screening in Pakistan .

The ZB Foundation
Zahra Beau Naqvi, born on October 8th, 2011, was a beautifully peaceful girl with deep, soulful black eyes, rich red lips and porcelain white skin. The beautiful exterior hid a painful secret inside as Zahra Beau, from birth, carried a disease that would come back to hurt her very badly.

But that was only part of the story; ZB was from one of the poorest regions of Northern Pakistan, a 3rd world country going though deep political and social turmoil. ZB’s birth mother, under pressure from her conservative family, was forced to abandon the baby girl at birth.

This beautiful baby, with a dark secret inside, was given another chance when she was adopted, at birth by a couple that at marriage made a promise to each other to give an abandoned baby girl from Pakistan another chance. Zahra Beau, with her adopted parents, left the seemingly lost cause of a life as an abandoned girl in a 3rd world country and moved to a place that offered greater hope, love and compassion.

But that fairytale was cut short immediately, as ZB’s dark secret, a metabolic disease gained at birth through the misfortune of her birth parents’ genes, would come rushing back to claim her life. In just 4 short months from her birth, having overcome so many obstacles to just find love, ZB’s final battle, to beat a disease that occurred 1 in 250,000 babies – Glutaric Academia Type 2, did not end like a fairytale. Zahra Beau Naqvi, died on February 18th, 2012, leaving behind heartbroken parents and a family and friend network deep in shock.

Established in 2012 by parents Danielle and Akber Naqvi, The ZB Foundation is a Dubai-based non-profit organization that works to raise both awareness and funds for New Born Screening in Pakistan.

After the tragic death of their adopted daughter, Zahra Beau, from a rare metabolic disease at just four months old, Danielle and Akber have made it their mission to work to prevent such tragedy and as such, all funds raised by the ZB Foundation go towards purchasing the necessary equipment required to carry out such tests, as well as paying for the screening of as many babies as possible. Educating the masses and local medical practitioners as to the importance of these tests is key too.

In the foundation’s latest effort to raise funds, it has teamed up with four leading UAE-based fashion designers to create a series of unique T-shirts. Dubbed the #Onthewingsofanangel tee, each bears the emblem of an angel (sketched by graphic designer Dima El Atab) and is available in forever-chic black, white or grey. Each of the designers – All Things Mochi, Reema Ameer, Bambah and Ayesha Depala – have sewn their stylish threads into the tee, making it their own.

The Dhs225 proceeds from the sale of each tee is enough to cover one new born screening test. “Our aim is to get as many women and children as possible to purchase and wear their tees and shout loud about it. It’s a fun way to raise awareness and we hope to be able to spread our mission around the region, if not globe!” says Danielle.

The tees will be available from December 1, 2015 at the following stores:

Boom & Mellow – Town Centre Jumeriah Beach Road
Saucette Concept – Galleria Mall Al Wasl Road
Bambah Boutique – Jumeriah Beach Road
The Change Initiative – Shk Zayed Road – online
For more information visit The ZB Foundation,
Or visit its Instagram page The ZB Foundation. #onthewingsofanangel

Thanks to @AllthingsMochi @reemamaeer @BambahBoutique @AyeshaDepala

For more information please contact:
Danielle Wilson Naqvi
Mobile: 050 6882308

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